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Tiles are an important part of the home. It not only makes your floor more beautiful but also increases the durability of the floor. Due to tile flooring, you have to put less amount of effort into cleaning the floor. But one thing that is not in good light about tile flooring is the tendency of tile and grout getting stained. No matter how much you try the DIYs, you just can’t get the best results on your own. For Tile and Grout Cleaning in Eltham, you can consider us. We provide various cleaning services at one place.

tile and grout cleaning eltham

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Factors Affecting the Appearance of Your Tile

Tile flooring is one of the most common things in homes around the globe. The super-shiny and strong layering of tile help increase the life-span of the floor and also, improve its appearance. But Tiles and Grouts often get stained or yellowish due to various reasons. They are –

  1. Oxidation of Tile – Tiles are meant to oxidize after a certain time. It happens due to daily water spills on the floor.
  2. Kitchen Mishappenings – Sometimes, we spill oils, hot water, food, spices, etc by mistake on the floor. It is the main reason due to which your kitchen tiles are stained.
  3. Specks of Dust in Grouts – Dust is supposed to settle in the grout area. It gets harder to remove the dust by brooming once they settle in small spaces like grouts.
  4. Lack of Ventilation – Tiles often get discoloured if they aren’t getting enough air. The humidity of the room/home can affect your tile’s appearance.

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